“As someone who suffers chronic pain, Rosen Method has helped me connect to my body in profound ways, both physically and emotionally. A lifetime of cutting the pain off by ignoring my body’s signals means I need to (re)learn them to heal. I am so grateful for the benefits of Rosen, the presence I’m starting … Continue reading Jennifer Aiken

Jennifer Aiken

“The Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement along with Cinnamon’s deep sense of presence has helped me to move out of my head and into myself: It has allowed me to slow down, come in and simply meet and greet and move thru and understand my held in and unlived experiences, my limits, my pain, my … Continue reading Donna Lee Randon, Singer, Singing Teacher, & Facilitator of Mindfulness

Donna Lee Randon, Singer, Singing Teacher, & Facilitator of Mindfulness

“Rosen Method Bodywork was the missing piece I was searching for on my healing journey. It allowed my body, mind and spirit to finally release the hold of trauma, which talk therapy could only release partially from my mind.” -Heidi Krieger, Forest Therapy Guide, in training

Heidi Krieger, Forest Therapy Guide, in training

“The Rosen Method helped me recognize and work through traumatic events.  It helped me find a safe and infinitely lovable place within myself.”

Shawna Sutton

Having Rosen Method Bodywork sessions has been a restorative and insightful process. Cinnamon created a safe space in which healing could unfold without rigor. I felt supported and held to allow my body and mind to unravel in places where I didn’t even know I was holding.

Deepika Mittra, Clinical Social Worker

“Rosen Method Bodywork sessions with Cinnamon have revealed long held self-defeating beliefs which were trapped in my body. It has assisted me in letting them go and experience more freedom. As I continue the bodywork, more is being revealed.”

– Mary June – Retired teacher

In June 2017, I attended Cinnamon Cranston’s Rosen Method Movement Course.  Being a “Doubting Sam” but also desperate to lessen the pain and body dysfunction I was experiencing, I committed to taking this course. As I was waiting for hip replacement surgery, I entered into each class wondering if it would help lessen the pain … Continue reading Barb W. on Rosen Method Movement

Barb W. on Rosen Method Movement
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