Barb W. on Rosen Method Movement

In June 2017, I attended Cinnamon Cranston’s Rosen Method Movement Course.  Being a “Doubting Sam” but also desperate to lessen the pain and body dysfunction I was experiencing, I committed to taking this course.
As I was waiting for hip replacement surgery, I entered into each class wondering if it would help lessen the pain and provide some muscular relief.  I was amazed at how quickly my body responded to each session. Her work not only assisted with my physical ailments but there was also a huge emotional release which left me flabbergasted.
Although mentally I thought these exercises were so innocent and simple, the rewards were enormous. From toe tapping to lifting the leg to performing simple dance steps were of great challenge to me from a balance and function perspective; yet after each class, my leg and hip revelled in the release of muscular tension and stress.
Outcome: I highly recommend for anyone to partake in Cinnamon’s Movement class to benefit from the release of programmed patterns that we have placed our bodies and minds into. You will love it!
I’m a believer!!

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