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Cinnamon Cranston, Certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, Rosen Method Movement Teacher, Somatic Resilience and Regulation therapist and registered massage therapist.

Cinnamon combines her training in Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement, as well as Somatic Resilience and Regulation therapy to offer a method of healing the body/mind from the effects of trauma. Our bodies capacity to experience a sense of secure base or safe connection is impaired by prolonged periods of stress combined with helplessness to change our circumstances. Trauma is not “what happened to us” but rather what was happening within us during that experience. Our bodies autonomic nervous system can remain locked in habits of survival response well after the threat has passed. Somatic trauma therapy offers a way for people’s nervous system to regain and build anew its capacity to connect to experiences of safety and security while integrating and resolving necessary, survival responses.

Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioners work with the breath, the unconscious muscular and fascial tension and habitual survival responses in the body using gentle present touch and words. Once allowed, emotion and experiences from the past can be felt and integrated slowly which then create new possibilities for wellbeing and vitality for the client. What makes this possible is the client’s simultaneous experiencing of the present moment that comes from the co-regulation with the practitioner’s nervous system as they support the client’s process.

Somatic Resilience and Regulation Therapy works with early developmental trauma (attachment) and the neuro platform to slowly increase a person’s capacity to experience safe connection and secure base (regulation) within the various systems of the body. As the sensation of safety returns for the person, symptoms of trauma related illness or dysregulation (such as: inflammation, digestive issues, auto-immune diseases, sleeping issues, fatigue, attention issues, dissociation, anxiety disorders, mood swings) decrease. An increase in capacity for resilience, wellbeing, vitality and embodied self-awareness are the result.


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