Healing After Birth Podcast – Jennifer Summerfeldt, MACP

by Cinnamon Cranston

On March 27th I had the honour of being on Jennifer Summerfeldt’s podcast, Healing After Birth: Body Focused Therapies to Restore, Heal, and Thrive. We had a wonderful conversation about how body focused therapies such as Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement can help people to heel from trauma. We talked about birth trauma, intergenerational trauma, adverse childhood experiences, self-care for mothers before and after birth and the benefits that parents can create for their children through supporting and healing themselves. I also shared some of my own journey as a mother parenting a child with birth trauma, how I came to discover Rosen Method and my own healing journey. Jennifer Summerfeldt is the author of Healing After Birth Guidebook – Navigating Your Emotions After A Difficult Childbirth. Please click the link to listen to the podcast.

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