Cinnamon offers both in person and online sessions. During in person sessions Cinnamon uses a combination of Rosen Method Bodywork and Somatic Resilience and Regulation Therapy to assist the client to increase their capacity to connect to a sense of safe connection and secure base within themselves. The session begins seated checking into the clients current body awareness and any curiosities they may be wanting to explore. Table work begins when the client feels ready to move to the table and to receive touch. The client will rest fully clothed, comfortably on a massage table with supportive pillows and blankets as necessary. The touch is a gentle and listening touch, responsive and attuned to what the client is experiencing. While specific systems and areas of the body are intentionally worked with, the client’s preference for hand placement and quality of touch are always taken into account. Cinnamon uses words to describe awarenesses she has for what is happening within the body, giving the body neurofeedback. Clients are welcome to use their words to describe what they are experiencing at any time. Words, questions and talking are welcome but not expected from the client. This gentle and slow attunement helps the client to feel safe and their bodies respond with subtle releases and gradual softening of their self-protective responses.

If activations or intense feelings or experiences occur, Cinnamon helps the client by using titration to lessen the sensation of intensity. Cinnamon supports the client in their process in a way that they can begin to separate any physical activation (fight/flight/freeze response) connected to past experiences from what is available to them in the present moment. New experiences such as the capacity to receive support, deep relaxation within the body or feelings of safety become more available to the client and trauma experiences become easier to feel, integrate and complete.

After the table work there is time given for another check in and somatic space for taking in the experience.

Online sessions use the Somatic Resilience and Regulation Therapy only. They can be done seated or comfortably reclined. Use of a computer with camera is a requirement.

Sessions are 60 minutes in length.

Clients often receive sessions for a period of time to assist them in their personal growth and healing. Length of treatment varies depending on the need of the client.

Cinnamon offers a free consultation via Zoom before the clients first session, by request.

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