About a Session

Rosen Method Bodywork practitioners work within the client’s comfort level, using their present, listening touch and words to both support the client and bring awareness to areas of unconscious muscle tension in their bodies. Clients are invited to drop underneath their cognitive awareness or “what they know about themselves” and lean into their inner sensations, experiences and feeling. This creates the possibility of bypassing analysis and getting to the heart of the matter. Once feelings and/or experiences are fully allowed by the client, tension releases and feelings of spaciousness, wellbeing and deep relaxation can occur.

R.M.B. practitioners support the client in their process in a way that they can begin to separate any physical activation (fight/flight/freeze response) connected to past experiences from what is available to them in the present moment. New experiences such as the capacity to receive support, deep relaxation within the body or feelings of safety become more available to the client.

Rosen Method Bodywork sessions are 60 minutes in length, including a brief check-in period before and after the session. R.M.B. uses gentle touch and words to assist clients in deepening their inner awareness of themselves. Similar to Massage therapy, clients undress to their level of comfort and lay down on a massage table and under the sheet/blanket, using pillows for additional support as required. Clients are always draped appropriately.

Clients often receive sessions for a period of time to assist them in their personal growth. Length of treatment varies depending on the need of the client.

Cinnamon offers a free consultation via phone or in person before and after the clients first session, by request.

Cinnamon works out of a home office with a private entrance for clients. Her session room is spacious and welcoming full of books and colourful art and objects of inspiration. There is a waiting area outside the office with washroom nearby.

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