If You Can Dream It…

There is a quote by Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it” and I have just proven that to be true. On May 25th I will become a published author in the compilation publication From Shadows to Light, A Whole Human Approach to Mental Health. In this book I have contributed a chapter wherein I share pieces of my healing journey, how I came to choose the work that I do now, and my vision for the future of mental healthcare in Canada. I have dreamed of becoming a published writer for almost twenty years now and it is finally coming to pass. Some days it feels surreal; hard to believe this is actually happening. Other days it feels all too real and I get a little anxious about having my story be so public. Most of the time though, I am tickled pink with excitement and the satisfaction of achievement.

I first saw the opportunity to become a co-author of the Shadows to Light compilation on the Holistipedia Facebook Group Page where compiler Olivia Kachmann put a call out to any interested writers wanting to share their mental health story. The moment I saw the post I knew this was the opportunity I had been waiting for and I jumped at the chance. I was able to move quickly and decisively because a few months previously I had made a commitment to myself to start writing with the express intention of becoming published. The problem I had been having until that moment was deciding what to write about. I couldn’t decide where to start. Should I write my life story, or should I take a particular angle or maybe even scrap all of that and fictionalize my story for greater creative freedom? Not being able to decide I wrote only bits and pieces of ideas, nothing with any real focus.

Then I became part of the Shadows to Light project being launched through Get You Visible Publishing and suddenly I had a subject to focus on, a word count limit to fulfil, deadlines to meet, amazing editors to work with and co-author community Zoom calls to attend as part of my commitment. The universe had conspired to provide me with all the tools, inspiration and support I could possibly need to actualize my dream. Wow! Thank you Universe!

The last year spent writing and editing have brought about some incredible changes for me personally. I have become more confident in expressing myself. While it feels vulnerable to share some of my lived experiences, I also feel that I am comfortable enough inside myself to be more visible. I enjoyed sharing the story of how I came to be doing RosenMethod Bodywork and I am hopeful it will be an inspiration to others. During the editing process I was also gifted with the opportunity to reconnect with my father whom I had been estranged from for some time. This has brought a deeper level of healing for me personally and for my father. If I had not written this chapter I may never have had the opportunity to reconcile with my father, a childhood dream that I had long ago let go of. Wow! Thank you again Universe!

I guess old Walt Disney was right. If you can dream it, it can happen! My next dream is to publish a solo book and then another solo book! I wonder what amazing things will come to pass with this dream? For now I am content to complete this first step and enjoy every minute of promoting and advocating the Shadows to Light publication.

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