The Mindful Body

Cinnamon Cranston, Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner

I decided to name my business and practice The Mindful Body because I felt it accurately reflected the healing process that is Rosen Method Bodywork. According to Wikipedia, mindfulness is defined as the “psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment”. In Buddhist teachings mindfulness is used to develop self-knowledge and inner wisdom that eventually lead to enlightenment and the freedom from suffering. Rosen Method Bodywork invites awareness within the body and assists people in the process of allowing themselves to connect and experience themselves more deeply along with any unconscious emotion that has been held as tension in the body.

Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioners work with the breathe and the unconscious muscular tension in the body using gentle, present touch and words. Once allowed, emotion and experiences from the past can be fully felt thus opening new possibilities for wellbeing and vitality for the client. What make this possible is the simultaneous experiencing of the present moment that is co-regulated with the practitioner’s help as they support the client’s process. Freedom from suffering and past emotional pain and an increase in capacity for wellbeing and aliveness are the result. WELCOME TO THE MINDFUL BODY! Go beyond your suffering; be more than you think you can be, live your fullest life! Why not?

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